About Us

It’s pretty simple, I buy what I like and what I could live with.

I have always been interested in traditional craftsmanship having been a Stone Mason for over 15 years and worked across a number of Traditional Estate skills I’ve seen some amazing Interiors and Gardens.

I started dealing independently in the mid noughties and have been working in the Decorative Antiques field fulltime for nearly ten years now.
I focus on originality and good design. Lets face it, good design whether it be brand new or thousands of years old is good design.
Wherever possible I love finding unrestored pieces and something with a story is always a plus point.

I’ve bought from the 16th to 21st century and enjoy mixing it up when it comes to curating a room full of objects. I hate following glossy magazine trends. Just mix it up and go with what you like!
I  deal with trade and private clients alike and I hope you enjoy looking at our website and perusing the stock that I’m constantly out searching for.


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